Episode 033: Live From Las Cruces

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Adam & Eve Commmercial: Bry & Q do lines from Glengarry Glenross, intercut with Soundboard Walt quotes
3:50 – Bryan thanks the crowd for not leaving after SmodCast ended.
4:00 – Walt’s previously stated dislike of New Mexico and their trip to White Sands
5:00 – Bryan paid Walt’s $5 entrance fee to White Sands
6:00 – The real reason Walt didn’t like their trip to New Mexico is that it wasn’t Roswell
7:25 – Bry and Walt stay in the crummiest motel they’ve ever been in after taking a shortcut through the stench of Texas cattle farm country
8:23 – The crummy hotel had a half eaten bagel on the bed (which wasn’t made) and a used hairbrush that looked like it had never been cleaned out
9:45 – Bry and Walt go to the Roswell Wal-Mart with the giant inflatable alien on the side
11:39 – Walt thought Roswell was going to be an Alien Theme Park
12:42 – Walt invents a hot pants-wearing alien mascot for his Roswell Theme Park
13:16 – “No shorts, I think, would be threatening”
15:00 – Walt proposes an abduction simulator ride for his theme park with a “Probe” effect
20:05 – Gray aliens sometimes shave all the hair off of the people they abduct
21:00 – What if aliens overhear their discussion about creating an alien theme park and get mad because they feel exploited?
23:30 – Q volunteers to be an emissary to the aliens unless they want to probe and shave him first
25:00 – Q and Bryan act out Q’s meeting with the aliens at the top of Devil’s Tower. Q is the alien, Bry portrays Q
28:43 – Q chastises a couple of guys for leaving the show
30:05 – Bryan puts up a picture of Q dressed as an alien for Halloween and talking on his cell phone
33:25 – Bryan puts up another unflattering picture of Q on the screen
34:30 – Bryan talks about the listener that wrote in about finding 30-year old naked pictures of her parents
35:35 – Suzanne found weird pictures of Bryan’s mom including a naked butt shot, but Bryan forgot to bring them to the show
38:00 – Walt suggests Bry’s mom must’ve been the only girl in town taking nude pictures at that time
38:13 – “She was like, the town pump, the town skank?”
39:38 – Bryan shows an old, somewhat racy picture of his mom on the big screen. Q is drools over young Pam
41:10 – Bry found his mom’s diary once and saw an entry where she talks about meeting Edgar at a christian flower show
42:08 – Bry compares an old photo of his mom, to a similarly posed picture of Suzanne and the likeness is uncanny
42:59 – “Dude! Yer fuckin’ yer mom!”
44:30 – Did Bryan somehow seek out Suzanne because she reminded him of his mom?
46:00 – Bryan thinks Suzanne is fucked up for participating in his photo comparison of her and his mom
47:10 – Bryan shows the crowd a racy picture of Suzanne to punish her for helping him embarass his mom
48:10 – Bryan closes the show by showing a picture of his horrified niece after she learned Suzy and Grandma allowed people to take nake pictures of them


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