The Original What Would Sunday Jeff Do?

Recently the TESD guys released a new edition of “What Would Sunday Jeff Do?” as part of the Cryptozoic Man bonus pod (if you didn’t order it, well, sucks to be you).

Prior to this release, some clips of the new WWSJD were teased on a regular episode of Tell em Steve Dave which seems to have caused a little confusion as to whether this new WWSJD re-used questions from the original WWSJD that appeared in Episode 152: Respect My Money, since a few folks felt as if they’d heard the questions before.

To clear things up, I recenty relistened to Episode 152 and made a list of the original WWSJD questions, none of which were re-used on the C-Man bonus pod.

1. If you could be any breed of dog, which would you be?

2. What sitcom would you choose to spend the rest of your life on as a background character?

3. What’s the most money you’ve ever spent on 1 collectible?

4. One of the Comic Book Men announces he is coming out on the show. Who do you put the smart money on?

5. I’m 27. I live with my parents and I have no job. What do you guys suggest I do to motivate me?

6. The Stash is a blazing inferno. Mike, Ming, Walt, Bryan, Q, are all inside. Who do you save first?

7. What current rock band will still be relevant 20 years from now?

8. Favorite thing about working at the Stash

9.  On your deathbed Sunday Jeff, your last words are?

10. The greatest invention of all time?

11. The two most important qualities in a female?

12. What’s one thing no one knows about you?

13. Is torture on the table?

14. If you had to change your first name what would you change it to?

15. What song is the number one song in the soundtrack of your life?

16. What age did you become an adult?

17. How many days could you last in the box?

18. The strangest thing you believed as a child?

19. What cheers you up?

20. Are you still learning who you are?

21. Death penalty?

22. Describe heaven

23. You have been abducted by aliens and asked to explain what love is to them

24. When was the last time your balls were to the wall?

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As you may have noticed, the site is once again being updated on a fairly regular basis following a year long layoff.

Thanks to the help of some dedicated TESD Army volunteers, we are steadily marching towards episode 100 and beyond.  At this new and improved rate of production, the site will be completely current before too much longer.

This renewed interest in getting the site up to date has also renewed my goal of developing a new, enhanced website with an improved aesthetic on the front end and a powerful database of show info on the back end.  The current search capability of this site is very limited and sometimes not very accurate in the results it returns.  With Find Em Steve-Dave 2.o, listeners will be able to perform more complex (and accurate) searches by keywords, phrases, quotes, or filter the episodes by specific guests, co-hosts, or even recording locations.

This new site is still in the early phases of development, but once complete I hope it will be a valuable weapon in the TESD Army’s arsenal.


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Here There Be Indexing!

Welcome to The Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave Episode Index.

This project is an attempt to identify and record the highlights of the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave podcast.

Early on TESD decided not to post detailed show notes so that the listener would experience the conversations in each new episode without prior knowledge of what would be said (a choice that I completely support).  However, I’ve noticed many times people asking @BryWaltQ  “which episode was it where you told XYZ story?” or “which episode was it where you talked to SO AND SO?”.  Sometimes someone will know the episode offhand, other times the question is never answered, or it’s answered after a lot of tedious searching.

That’s where (hopefully) the TESD Episode Index will come in.  My intention is to create an entry for each TESD episode with fairly detailed show notes and keyword tags that will allow for quick and easy searching.  I hope to eliminate the need to listen to hours of back catalog material to find that one specific incident, story, argument, or special guest appearance.

The scope of this project will be limited to episodes at least a month old, which will maintain TESD’s original intent of not revealing too much about each new episode as they drop, but will provide detailed information for older “classic” episodes.

As a fan and dedicated listener of the show I would encourage everyone at some point to check out all of TESD’s back catalog in its entirety.  But we all know that time is money and if you need to find something specific you shouldn’t have to waste time digging for it.

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